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Dejan Križaj (29.11.1962, Kranj) has graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana in 1988.  After graduation he continued his work at the faculty as a young researcher at the Laboratory for nonlinear elements. He investigated use of numerical methods for simulation of semiconductor structures and possible improvements of breakdown properties of planar structures. During Ph.D. studies he has been a visiting researcher at the Laboratoire d`Automatique ed d˙Analyse des Systemes du CNRS, in Toulouse, France. As a student he received the University award for students (Prešernova award) and won the first price at the students competition for IEEE 8 region.

He continued his research work with a post doctoral research project on silicon detector for X-rays for medical applications where he developed one of the first side illuminated silicon X-ray detectors. He received a grant from Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare in Trste, Italy and worked on improvements of the technology of side effect X ray detectors. Since 1998 he is employed as a professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He teaches classes Fundamentals of electrical engineering I and II, Aplicative electromagnetics and Electromagnetics. Dr. Križaj is a head of the Laboratory for Bioelectromagnetics. His research interests include bioimpedance methods, biomedical micro sensors and numerical electromagnetics applied in the biomedical field.




Prof. Dr. Dejan Križaj,  head of the laboratory

Laboratory for Bioelectromagnetics

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

University of Ljubljana

Tržaška 25

1000 Ljubljana

Slovenia, EU

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