• Lab on a chip - mikrostrukture za manipulacijo celic z električnim poljem - Lab on a chip for manipulation of cells with electric field

  • Piezorezistivni efekt -simulacija - Simulation of a piezoresistive effect

  • Naprava za merjenje bioimpedance

  • Termoelektrična simulacija inštalacijskega odklopnika - Thermoelectric simulation

The Laboratory for Bioelectromagnetics is a member of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. It is involved in research of the influence of electric and magnetic field on biological systems. One of the main research areas is based on (bio)impedance spectroscopy measurements and their use in several applications (muscle disease, stomatology, wood drying, suspensions analysis, etc). We investigate the possible use of dielectrophoretic force for manipulation and detection of (sub)micron size particles and biological cells. The “file rouge” of the laboratory is use and development of numerical simulation tools for multiphysics applications in industrial applications, basic research as well as for pedagogical work.

Besides cooperation with industry we are interested in innovative work based on our research that results in development of biomedical and other devices and procedures.

LBM is headed by Prof. Dr. Dejan Križaj